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Company Name

Proline West Inc.


Tom McLeod

Street Address

1005 Paloverde Drive







Telephone No.

(970) 231-1400

E-mail Address

Fax Number

(970) 593-6789




GUC 46 Airport Fog Seal; LAR 29 12/30 Runway Rehabilitation; GXY 12-01 Taxilane and Fog Seal; FLY 21 Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Taxiway B and Access Control; FTG 12-02 Taxiway Rehabilitation; EIK 12-01 Runway Repair; ASE 12-02 Existing Airfield Pavement Crack, Joint, and Fog Seal; ASE 13-01 Airport Pavement Crack Sealing, Joint Sealing, & Fog Sealing; STJ 12-021A-1 Pilot Controlled Lighting (PCL) Rehabilitation; ENV 26 Runway 8/26 and Taxiway A Extension; CPR 52 Taxiways A, B1, & C Rehab, Runway 3, 8, & 26 PAPI Installation, Taxiway A6 Relocation, and LED Guidance Sign and Windcone Installation; ASE 49 Construct Taxiway Paved Shoulders and Reconstruct Existing; FTG 39 Taxiway A Rehabilitation; HDN AIP 40 Runway Rehabilitation; GXY LOC 14-01 Seal Coat and Paint Runway 10/28 and Terminal Apron; EGE 52 Airfield Pavement Maintenance; SBS 22 Taxiway A Realignment; RIW 37/39 Runway 10/28 Rehabilitation and Reconstruction; PSO 22 Construct Parallel Taxiway "A" Extension; MNF MO-14-104B-1 Runway 10/28 Crack Repair and Seal Coat; HAE 14-049A-2 Hangar Taxilane Development; IRK 14-028A-2 SRE-Snowblower; AEJ 15 Fog Seal and Pavement Marking; DIJ 14 Bituminous Surface Treatment, Re-Marking & Beacon; GUC 50 Taxiway 'A' Rehabilitation; AKO 16 Taxiway A Fogseal & Concrete Ramp Pavement Maintenance; ENV 28 Taxiway A1 Rehabilitation; EVU MO-14-002A-1 Reconstruct Runway 14-32, Connecting Taxiway and Partial Apron; STJ MO-13-012A-2 Replacement of Assault Strip Runway 13/31; UNO MO-15-104C-1 Runway 18/36 Seal Coat; FLY AIP 022 Runway 15-33 Rehabilitation (Maintenance); GXY 024/025 Rehabilitate Runway 17/35; HVE 04 Reconstruction of Runway 8-26 Taxiway Apron and Runway Edge Lights and Signs; PSO 023 Pavement Maintenance; SLN 36 Taxiway E Rehabilitation and Taxiway A Restripe; 8WC 16-060A-1 Runway 2-20 and S. Connecting Taxiway Pavement; GXY LOC 16-02 Reconstruct South and Hangar Taxilanes; U52 14 Runway 13-31 Rehab and Taxiway-Ramp Pavement Maintenance; LAR 32/33 Reconstruct Concrete Apron; CDC 31 Terminal Apron Rehabilitation, Taxiway D Pavement Maintenance and South Taxilane Improvements; ALS AIP 020 Install Taxi Guidance Signs and Markings; EGE 056 Apron Reconstruction and Infield Area Improvements (Phase IV); GUC 51 Runway 6/24 Rehabilitation; SGU 26 Apron Pavement Preservation; GXY 24/25 Rehabilitate Runway 17/35 Rebid; EGE 056 Rebid Apron Reconstruction and Infield Area Improvements (Phase IV); BMC LOC 17-01 Airfield Pavement Maintenance; PUC 179745 Pavement Maintenance; ALS 22 Runway 2/20 Pavement and Lighting Rehabilitation; 41U 009 Taxiway Construction & Ramp Rehabilitation; U14 19 Construct Apron and Taxiway; CPR 57 Runway 3/21 Rehabilitation; AKO 19 Runway 11-29 Pavement Maintenance; SLN 038 Taxiway B Reconstruction; LAA 19 Rehabilitation Runway 18/36 (Spall Repair and Joint Seal); BMC 027 Taxilane R4, Run Up Apron; CDC 033 Taxiway C, Taxiway A & Apron Rehabilitation; GPH 17-01 Construct New Hangar and Maintenance Bldg.; RIF DOT 18 Seal; KNB 14 Runway 1/19 Rehabilitation; CPR 58 Rehabilitate Taxiway C and Associated Connector Taxiway C1; LAR 035-036 Runway 3/21 Rehabilitation, Signage Replacement, and Taxiway Crack Repair; HDN 44 Commercial Apron Expansion and Rehabilitate Aircraft Parking Apron; CDC 034 Rehabilitate RW 2-20 and RW 8-26; EGE 057 North General Aviation Apron Reconstruction; 1F5 AV-2015-07 Runway 17-35 Reconstruction; HAE 18-049A-1 Runway 17-35 Joint Seal; SGU 029 Runway Reconstruct; BRO 3-48-0031-046-2018 Seal Coat Runway 13-31; GXY LOC 18-01 Hangar Roof Repairs ; GXY LOC 18-02 Hangar Taxilane Development


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