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Company Name

Jviation, Inc.


Mark Lovato

Street Address

900 S. Broadway, Suite 350







Telephone No.

(303) 524-3030

E-mail Address

Fax Number

(303) 524-3031




GCC 37 North GA Apron Expansion and Airfield Pavement Repair and Maintenance; LAA 18 Apron and Apron Edge Taxiway Rehabilitation; GXY 12-01 Taxilane and Fog Seal; ENV 24 ARFF Truck; IRK Airport Trail Road Rehabilitation & Parking Lot; VIH 12-01 Crack Seal, Seal Coat and Micro Surfacing; GCC 46A Install Distance Measuring Equipment and Shelter; ENV 26 Runway 8/26 and Taxiway A Extension; GXY 13-01 Acquire 4WD Rubber Tire Loader with Plow Attachment; IRK 12-028A-1 Expand Terminal Parking Lot & Construct Hangar Driveway; CPR 52 Taxiways A, B1, & C Rehab, Runway 3, 8, & 26 PAPI Installation, Taxiway A6 Relocation, and LED Guidance Sign and Windcone Installation; GCC 38 North GA Apron Development Phase IV Second Concrete Apron Expansion; RIW 34 Taxiway C Rehabilitation and GA Apron Reconstruction; LAA 18 GA Apron Rehabilitation; RIW 34 REBID Taxiway C Rehabilitation and GA Apron Reconstruction; PSO 21 Snow Removal Equipment Acquisition; GXY 13-01 Generator Acquisition for Terminal Building and Airfield Lighting System; GXY 13-01 Reconstruct Taxilane Between Hangar 44 and Hangar 46; SGF 13-02 Schedule I – Install New Pole for Airport Lighted Beacon ; SGF 13-01 Schedule 1 - GA Apron Redevelopment, Schedule 2 - West Kearney Terminal Parking Lot; ENV 26 Construct 2000 Foot Extension of Runway 8/26; LAA 18 Apron Edge Taxilane Reconstruction; SGF AIR 126-092A-1 W. Kearney Terminal Parking Lot and GA Development; ENV 27 Acquire Plow Truck with Snow Plow; PSO 22 Construct Parallel Taxiway "A" Extension; PSO 22 Construct Parallel Taxiway "A" Extension Rebid; ENV 28 Taxiway A1 Rehabilitation; GXY 024/025 Rehabilitate Runway 17/35; GXY 16-01 Terminal Building Addition; PSO 023 Pavement Maintenance; GXY LOC 16-02 Reconstruct South and Hangar Taxilanes; CPR 55-56 SRE Building; CPR 57 Runway 3/21 Rehabilitation; ENV 029 Snow Removal Equipment Acquisition; STJ 16-012A-1 Wildlife Perimeter Fence; STJ 16-012A-2 Reconstruct Terminal Apron; Rehab Barrel Hangar Apron; LAA 19 Rehabilitation Runway 18/36 (Spall Repair and Joint Seal); CPR 58 Rehabilitate Taxiway C and Associated Connector Taxiway C1; SGF 2018-SGF-01 Reconstruct Taxilanes and Hangar Improvements; CPR ACPR68B Terminal Parking Lot Improvements


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